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[Fwd: Shifting from NT4 Server to Linux&Samba ...?]

  I just found this amussing and thought I'd pass it along.

  Hi folks
  one of my NT 4.0 servers is (once again) about to die ... However, as I
  am slowly getting tired of reinstalling M$ crap all the time, I consider
  replacing it by a linux box & samba. But there are a couple of things I
  would be glad to know from some more experienced samba users before
  (Info: All clients run Doze '95 )
  Q1: Can I share a CD-ROM drive attached to the server?
  Q2: Can I emulate NT's login scripts with samba?
  Q3: How will the users be able to change their passwords?
  Q4: Will I have to modify all client or can I transparently replace the
  current server (i.e. turn off the NT server and put the linux box on the
  net without having to reconfig all clients' network settings; assuming I
  correctly prepared the linux machine :-)?
  Q5: Is there a good backup prg for linux that works with SCSI-DATs (I
  know tar. A user-friendly front-end for it would do.)?
  Q6: What combinations of kernel & samba release are known to run stable?
  Q7: Anything else I forgot?
  All answers (partial or complete) welcome!
  (Please keep your answers simple; I'd just like to know whether these
  things can be done or not - I'll RTFM to find out _how_ to do them.)
  Oh yes, yet another question (maybe a bit OFF TOPIC):
  Q95: I've Thunderbyte AntiVirus running on one of the Doze '95 machines
  - with all heuristic features turned on (scan for 'suspicious file
  access', 'malicious code', 'unusual stack', 'invalid opcodes' etc.).
  Yesterday I installed Billy's IE4 there. Why did the scanner not show
  any warnings? ;-]