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Re: Win98/IE4.0 Separate product? :-)

  Roberto Di Cosmo wrote:
  >Just to let you know: I found 2 hours ago here in Paris (FRANCE)
  >dozens of copies of Internet Explorer 4.0 sold *separately*
  >for 149FRF =~ 24USD
  >Could this fact be helpful in this "Windows will not run without Ie"
  That's cheaper than the $36.95 in some current US catalogs for "separate" 
   IE 4.0.
  Dan Gillmor wrote a rather pessimistic story in today's [12-23-97] San Jose
  Mercury regarding M$ and DC money.  No subsciption required to access his
  column.  The link will be found at the bottom of the Mercury Center home page.
  Claire Macdonald