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Re:"Partnered" with MS

  On Sat, 20 Dec 1997 06:59:14 -0500 (EST), mj@creative.net wrote:
  >>Better still, the judge indicated that it took him all of 90 seconds...,
  >>Go Linux, Rhapsody, and OS2
  >>BTW, did folks know MS has a stake in SCO (I think 15%)
  >I think it's fairly widely known. 15% is the figure I have heard. SCO was
  >also "partnered" by MS.  Their prophylactic failed, and now they have the
  You can treat/contain/cure the "disease". And viral/bacterial "titre" (blood
  level) is a graded phenomenon. But as an indication of the level of denial
  I'm afraid that  a more accurate  metaphor for the committment means SCO
  may think they are "only" 15% pregnant.
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