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Re: A Microsoft Christmas Carol

  In reply to Dan Strychalski's message sent 12/20/97 5:52 AM:
  >Oh, come on. Back in the CP/M era, ordinary people simply thought a
  >computer would be overkill for the work they were doing -- but once
  >exposed to computers, they took to them with alacrity.
  Oh, come on yourself, Dan. If you really prefer completely 
  keyboard-driven operating systems, use Linux. I understand that 
  left-brained people are totally enamored with it.
  No one of us can pretend to know what everyone else on the planet wants 
  and needs out of this technology. That's the problem with Microsoft -- 
  not that they've promulgated any particular operating system paradigm, 
  but because they're insisting that one size technology fits all.
  This command line vs. GUI debate is ancient history. Certainly some 
  ancient history is relevant -- but some of it just plain over.
  As for Apple removing the "control" key, I honestly don't know what 
  you're talking about. I'm pressing it right now, see?
     Mitch Stone
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