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Re: PC Week

  In <349AED38.5546483A@mindspring.com>, on 12/19/97 
     at 04:55 PM, Ben Drasin <drasin@mindspring.com> said:
  >    Some of you may have seen this, but Michael Caton wrote a very
  >scathing article about MS' bogus claims that Windows would break sans IE.
  >Seasons greetings,
  >Ben Drasin
  > http://www.zdnet.com/pcweek/news/1215/18ewinie.html
  And everyone says ZDNet is a Microsoft finger puppet.  
  Just another good example of MS lies.  MS must have some 
  pretty big brass b**** to lie to a judge, the DOJ, it's OEMs, consumers,
  and it's coporate customers.