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Inconsistency of big business


  Does the following inconsistency bother anyone else?
  Microsoft is complaining about the DoJ's antitrust inquiries 
  on the grounds that the government oughtn't to interfere in software
  development and technological innovation because of free market principles;
  i.e., companies like MS ought to be free to give consumers what they want.
  But no one at MS complains about government interference in the market when
  it benefits them; i.e., you haven't heard MS offering to pay the public back
  for the taxes that were used to INVENT the Internet in the first place, the
  infrastructure of the WWW which the browser wars are all about in the first
  Microsoft, and all other companies that sell Internet access, connectivity,
  and software, are publicly-subsidized corporations, and yet they try to
  parade around as lovers of the free market when it suits them.
  Government interference is fine when it creates conditions that allow MS to
  create private wealth; but government interference, in the form of antitrust
  and monopoly regulation, is totally unacceptable when it threatens private
  That really pisses me off. Does MS think that we as consumers are so stupid
  as to not notice their hypocritical inconsistency?
  Why doesn't anyone in the computer press point this out?
  Kendall G. Clark
  Linux is free. Life is good.