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Re: Scrutiny is Mutiny

  In reply to Charles Behney's message sent 12/17/97 9:30 PM:
  >I think a few people have gone from being Microsoft haters to being
  >Microsoft investigators. The Internet Zealots are at it again. Why would
  >several nations become suddenly alarmed, if consumers are being harmed
  >by Ralph Nader's band of gypsies howling at the moon? I think Bill
  >should eat some of those magic mushrooms that grow seasonally on his
  >campus. They would give him better advice than he's been getting from
  >his dad and Steve Ballmer. Reboot or crash, Bill. Your flowchart is
  >heading towards the rapids as many people wake up and smell the Java.
  Microsoft was quoted in yesterday's (Weds 12/18) Wall Street Journal 
  saying that the economy will be damaged if the shipping date of Windows 
  98 is delayed by the court's orders. Naturally, the spin department at 
  Microsoft doesn't mention the nearly one year delay in delivery caused by 
  Microsoft's own ineptitude. 
  If you could put Microsoft on the psychiatrist's couch, I think he'd 
  probably diagnose delusions of grandeur.
     Mitch Stone
     Editor, Boycott Microsoft ** http://www.vcnet.com/bms 
     Access to power must be confined to those who 
     are not in love with it.  ---Plato