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Re: Indiscriminate usage of phrase "Microsoft haters" by journalist

  Milan; That's because it's shorter and snappier than saying "Microsoft
  Business Practice Haters"....
  FWIW, Microsoft also created the term "OS/2 Zealots"... Now it's being
  modified to go after their current targets (now that OS/2 is virtually dead)
  "Unix Zealots" and "Java Zealots".  This is intended to include anyone who
  uses Linux and anyone who prefers the multi-platform capabilities of the
  so-called "100% Pure Java"...
  Scott K. McGrath
  Milan Zimmermann wrote:
  > There seems to be a new sport of labeling people concerned about
  > Microsoft monopoly by the phrase "Microsoft haters".
  > I live in the Toronto area and just last week there has been two (out of
  > two I have seen) comments referring to "Microsoft haters". [CBC NBN
  > evening edition last week and the Dec 13 Toronto Star newspaper Business
  > section]. Essentially, anybody who thinks 1) Microsoft practices are
  > close to monopolistic/ 2) Netscape browser is better than Microsoft's/
  > 3)many others/ are being labeled as "haters".
  > Obviously this is highly unfair/derogatory to people on this list and
  > many, many others. I am wondering whether some PR efforts should be
  > done  to address this.
  > In any case, I am attaching a copy of my e-mail to the Toronto Star
  > newspaper.
  > -------------
  > Dear Editor:
  > The Saturday, Dec 13 "Business Today" article "Microsoft could hurdle
  > judge's ruling on browser" by Steven  Theobald contains on two occasions
  > the phrase "Microsoft haters".
  > I would like to discuss the author's language here. Yes, there are
  > people  genuinely concerned with the Microsoft de-facto monopoly in the
  > Operating Systems markets (about 90% world-wide). This has nothing to do
  > with hate! The phrase "Microsoft haters" has been created by Microsoft
  > Public Relations  and it is VERY DISTURBING to read this phrase repeated
  > without thinking by some journalists.
  > I would welcome that the author of your articles did not offend readers
  > and create an image that everybody who is not using Microsoft product is
  > a hater of a sort as documented by this quote from the article!
  > "But even die-hard Microsoft haters will be hard pressed to fork over an
  > extra $100 or so to buy Netscape"
  > .. I for one, will. And I am no hater.
  > I trust that correction to this article or apology will be mentioned.
  > Regards,
  > Milan Zimmermann
  > -------------------
  > Milan Zimmermann