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Indiscriminate usage of phrase "Microsoft haters" by journalist

  There seems to be a new sport of labeling people concerned about
  Microsoft monopoly by the phrase "Microsoft haters".
  I live in the Toronto area and just last week there has been two (out of
  two I have seen) comments referring to "Microsoft haters". [CBC NBN
  evening edition last week and the Dec 13 Toronto Star newspaper Business
  section]. Essentially, anybody who thinks 1) Microsoft practices are
  close to monopolistic/ 2) Netscape browser is better than Microsoft's/
  3)many others/ are being labeled as "haters".
  Obviously this is highly unfair/derogatory to people on this list and
  many, many others. I am wondering whether some PR efforts should be
  done  to address this.
  In any case, I am attaching a copy of my e-mail to the Toronto Star
  Dear Editor:
  The Saturday, Dec 13 "Business Today" article "Microsoft could hurdle
  judge's ruling on browser" by Steven  Theobald contains on two occasions
  the phrase "Microsoft haters". 
  I would like to discuss the author's language here. Yes, there are
  people  genuinely concerned with the Microsoft de-facto monopoly in the
  Operating Systems markets (about 90% world-wide). This has nothing to do
  with hate! The phrase "Microsoft haters" has been created by Microsoft
  Public Relations  and it is VERY DISTURBING to read this phrase repeated
  without thinking by some journalists.
  I would welcome that the author of your articles did not offend readers
  and create an image that everybody who is not using Microsoft product is
  a hater of a sort as documented by this quote from the article!
  "But even die-hard Microsoft haters will be hard pressed to fork over an
  extra $100 or so to buy Netscape"
  ... I for one, will. And I am no hater.
  I trust that correction to this article or apology will be mentioned.
  Milan Zimmermann
  Milan Zimmermann