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Re: Herritage Foundation Piece

  In its own way, the Heritage Foundation piece is
  a kind of perfection: it is perfectly loony.  Here
  is a sample:
       The Department of Justice's move
       against Microsoft represents
       arrogant industrial planning of an
       industry that exhibits remarkable
       growth and entrepreneurialism
  "Arrogant industrial planning"?  What are these
  guys smoking?  It seems to me that they should do
  the country a service and get back to selling useless
  things that don't harm people, like soda pop or something.
  They should have lived forty years ago, when red-baiting
  was cool.
  If you have been following this list you know that
  "remarkable growth and optimism" characterized the
  PC industry well before Microsoft came into the picture.
  And that "growth and optimism" existed in the Internet
  community well before Microsoft came into the picture there.
  In fact, the number of people on the web was growing
  exponentially in 1994 based on shared, open standards like
  Forgive me for repeating this, but Microsoft is not responsible
  for the wonderful opportunities we have on the Internet any
  more than they are responsible for PC software, WYSIWYG
  editing, or spreadsheets.  The Internet represents a huge investment
  of public funds in Internet reseach.  It exists because of
  the work smart people did well before Microsoft even became
  involved.  It exists in spite of Microsoft,. which was promoting
  its own network in 1994, which was MSN.
  Now Microsoft is positioning itself to reap the profits, the incredible
  profits, that will result from the power and popularity of the Internet.
  Just how stupid do they think the people who funded this research are?
  Somebody should tell them that we're not all as stupid as their Heritage
  Foundation buddies.
  Tod Landis
  PS.  There is a bridge in Brooklyn I think the Heritage Foundation
  may like to purchase.  I would happy to sell it to them.
  Mark Hinds wrote:
  > Here's some anti-anti-MS stuff
  > http://www.heritage.org/heritage/library/categories/regulation/fyi162.html
  > It's actually quite irritating (consider the source) and may need some
  > response.
  > BTW, I've seen a couple of books on preparing for the MCSE at Costco
  > (wherehouse store) right next to 'Astro Physics for Dummies' :-)
  > .-