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Re: Herritage Foundation Piece

  Tod Landis wrote:
  >Forgive me for repeating this, but Microsoft is not responsible
  >for the wonderful opportunities we have on the Internet any
  >more than they are responsible for PC software, WYSIWYG
  >editing, or spreadsheets.
  The only thing I take exception to is WYSIWYG editing. They did
  make one important contribution there: the development of
  TrueType font technology (along with Bitstream and, I think, HP).
  Of course, the reason they did this is that they wouldn't allow
  themselves to be held hostage to Adobe, which at the time held
  an effective monopoly on desktop type, which everyone else
  had to pay dearly for. TrueType not only broke Adobe's hold,
  it broke the commercial type industry, which is why anyone can
  pick up thousands of fonts now dirt cheap.
  Unlike the Heritage Foundation, Microsoft does not believe in
  the principle of monopoly. They only believe in their own right
  to run roughshod over the rest of us.
    -- Tom Hull