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RE: ABC News publishes a piece of Microsoft FUD

  On Tue, 16 Dec 1997 09:15:37 -0500 (EST), Chuck Swiger wrote:
  >And another thing, it's amazing to hear one after another gasp of astonishment that a
  >corporate entity is, oh my god, ACTING IN IT'S OWN SELF INTEREST!!!!
  >Whaddya expect, Santa Clause???
  >If there are going to be any changes, you'll have to address that fact of life and accept it
  >as a given. Any new laws or government enforced restructuring, such as dividing a
  >common carrier from the content, is going to have to be crafted so that an entity can
  >persue that natural 'survival instinct' to promote itself and it's products, and ensure it
  >doesn't resort to slander or other means of illegally harming existing or potential competitors.
       Of course I'd expect them to act in their own self interest, but
  that doesn't mean lying is somehow transformed to a higher level when
  it's done to save one's own ass.  I'd expect any company to least
  attempt to put a 'spin' on it, but I'm often amazed at how M$ can
  constantly tell such outrageous lies without as much as a blink. 
  Personally I want M$ to keep taking because they seem to keep digging a
  deeper hole every time they spew out the next PR.  I really thought
  they were smarter then that, but if nothing else it's certainly been a
  'hoot' to watch.
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