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Re: Indiscriminate usage of phrase "Microsoft haters" by journalist

  In reply to Milan Zimmermann's message sent 12/16/97 4:03 AM:
  >Obviously this is highly unfair/derogatory to people on this list and
  >many, many others. I am wondering whether some PR efforts should be
  >done  to address this.
  >In any case, I am attaching a copy of my e-mail to the Toronto Star
  You've done exactly what you ought to have done, in my opinion. The terms 
  "Microsoft basher" and "Microsoft hater" have already been enshrined in 
  the buzz word hall of fame -- so don't be surprised if you receive no 
  response to your letter. The press are difficult to disabuse of a notion, 
  no matter how wrong-headed, once it reaches the status of cherished 
  This incident (all to frequently repeated elsewhere), brings up an 
  important issue. Microsoft's PR is difficult to combat because it is a 
  well-funded and highly orchestrated effort. I stop short of believing 
  that we in the "resistance" need to be similarly "organized," but I do 
  believe we need to be prepared to address certain critical points in a 
  somewhat consistent fashion, in letters to editors and wherever else we 
  might find ourselves talking about the Microsoft Problem. Once the press 
  begins to hear the same things being said, over and over again, and from 
  different sources, they will eventually respond by more accurately 
  representing the other side of the debate. 
  Perhaps this is a good place to develop these talking-points. Any 
  comments? Any takers?
     Mitch Stone
     Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit. (Perhaps, someday, 
     it will give us pleasure to remember this ordeal).  
                                      --  Virgil
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