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RE: School Lunch

  There are no ads of any kind on the Jerry Brown, We The People web site
  pages.    http://www.wtp.org   There are no "e" buttons, no Netscape
  buttons.  No click-through ads.
  There are links to world environmental sites and organizations, including
  one of Ralph Nader's.  
  I only meant his focus is on sustaining a workable, global ecology and not
  high tech issues.
  Although not relevent to this list, I really resent the reference that he
  has been "bought".
  Claire Macdonald
  Glenn T. Livezey wrote:
  >>Microsoft wants a ten year contract for these "services." No Hollywood
  >>agent can sign clients to more than a twenty four month contract.
  >>California law protects talent better than undergraduates. Is there a
  >>line in the sand here? Where's Jerry Brown on this MS/BS?
  >Been purchased as official spokesperson no doubt, look for the "e" button...