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Re: School (for ) Lunch

  On Wed, 10 Dec 1997 20:36:04 -0500 (EST),  Charles Behney 
  <charlesaugust@theriver.com> wrote:
  >Topic No. 15
  >Subject: School Lunch: No Java, Lots of Fat (Clients)
  >Imagine Academia as a Limited Liability Company, with standards set by
  >Microsoft. We would have a twenty letter alphabet (saves on RAM),
  Since when has MS been concerned with saving RAM? I thought that was
  their part in the computer "Arms race", the answer to everything is BUY
  >Encarta as the only library necessary for a Visual Basic education, and
  >a pantheon based on Tom Edison, Alexander Bell, and that great
  >innovator, Bill Gates. His contribution to Basic would rank beside the
  >telephone and the light bulb.
  I doubt the  telephone and the lightbulb would get much ink compared to
  BG's "invention" of the internet, the LED, Life the Universe and Everything....
  Ah, how can you fault such a benefactor? And a miracle  worker too - afterall
  he's going to practically "give away" all this NEAT STUFF and make 
  3 billion in profits besides.
  >Microsoft wants a ten year contract for these "services." No Hollywood
  >agent can sign clients to more than a twenty four month contract.
  >California law protects talent better than undergraduates. Is there a
  >line in the sand here? Where's Jerry Brown on this MS/BS?
  Been purchased as official spokesperson no doubt, look for the "e" button...
  Thanks to CAB for enlightening the list once more.
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