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Re: Cheerleading and Democracy 101

  You fool. I work for Time Inc. and have never had any affiliation with
  MSFT. (You should look into the backgrounds of some other Washington jlists
  who used to be PR flacks for Mr. Bill.) On my Unix workstation at home, I
  have no MSFT products and don't want any. On my other computer, a Macintosh
  laptop, I have MSFT Word and that's it. I'm no fan of the company (and Bill
  Gates) and you'd know this if you've read my articles. Obviously you'd
  rather flame out of ignorance.
  Just because I think you're a loon and a complete wacko doesn't mean I'm a
  "jlist from MSFT." Sheesh.
  At 11:37 -0500 12/11/97, charles mueller wrote:
  >        I don't think so.  If I recall, there was considerable discussion
  >here earlier about you being the 'journalist' from Microsoft.  It's
  >understandable, then, that you would have an incentive to convince this
  >group that nobody on Capitol Hill would read their mail.
  >        So why don't you tell us your Microsoft version of "the way the Hill
  >works"?  And then perhaps Ralph, as I suggested before, can give us a
  >serious answer.
  >        Charles Mueller, Editor
  >        http://webpages.metrolink.net/~cmueller
  >                                                   *************
  >At 09:46 AM 12/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
  >>Because I know the way the Hill works.
  >>Guess you were "misled," huh?
  >>At 22:37 -0500 12/10/97, charles mueller wrote:
  >>>        How do you know it's a "fantasy"?
  >>>At 09:49 PM 12/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
  >>>>At 21:17 -0500 12/10/97, charles mueller wrote:
  >>>>>        Members of Congress, unless I've been misled, don't allow their
  >>>>>incoming mail to be trashed d.o.a., dead on arrival--whether by their
  >>>>>clerical staffs or computer programs.  It may be routed around but,
  >>>>>ultimately, it all lands on their desks.
  >>>>This is, of course, nothing but a fantasy.
  >>>>If you really want to pursue Democracy 101, wrest power from federal
  >>>>bureaucrats and return it to the American people. If you go the route of
  >>>>special interest lobbying, whoever has the most $$$ usually wins. Recent
  >>>>case in point: the criminal copyright bill about to become law, bought by
  >>>>the software industry and Hollywood, that makes sharing a few copies of
  >>>>Microsoft Office a federal felony: jail time and a quartermillion dollar
  >>>>fine. For both the person who lends the software and the person who copies
  >>>>This is not cynicism, BTW. This is stone-cold reality.
  >>>>(A Washington, DC political reporter)