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Re: Cheerleading and Democracy 101

  I -thought- I recognized your name but wasn't sure... Sheesh... I knew Charles was
  an overblown, pompous ass, and I've told him before that his wording made it
  difficult to understand what in the blazes he was saying, but didn't realize -he-
  didn't recognize your name...
  As far as the MSFT jlists (as you put it) are concerned, they're easy to spot.
  Just look in -any- Ziff Davis or CMP pub and you'll find several.  They're
  noticeable  by their proclivity to "regretfully" recommend MSFT over other
  software publishers...
  And, oh yeah... I forgot which rag it was, but what was it, early this year?  Late
  last year?  Some rag threw out its poll for OS of the Year because OS/2 "won" this
  beauty contest for the fifth time in a row.  They "just knew" it was rigged and
  said so while "regretfully" throwing out the results...
  Declan McCullagh wrote:
  > You fool. I work for Time Inc. and have never had any affiliation with
  > MSFT. (You should look into the backgrounds of some other Washington jlists
  > who used to be PR flacks for Mr. Bill.) On my Unix workstation at home, I
  > have no MSFT products and don't want any. On my other computer, a Macintosh
  > laptop, I have MSFT Word and that's it. I'm no fan of the company (and Bill
  > Gates) and you'd know this if you've read my articles. Obviously you'd
  > rather flame out of ignorance.
  > Just because I think you're a loon and a complete wacko doesn't mean I'm a
  > "jlist from MSFT." Sheesh.
  > -Declan
  > At 11:37 -0500 12/11/97, charles mueller wrote:
  > >        I don't think so.  If I recall, there was considerable discussion
  > >here earlier about you being the 'journalist' from Microsoft.  It's
  > >understandable, then, that you would have an incentive to convince this
  > >group that nobody on Capitol Hill would read their mail.
  > >
  > >        So why don't you tell us your Microsoft version of "the way the Hill
  > >works"?  And then perhaps Ralph, as I suggested before, can give us a
  > >serious answer.
  > >
  > >        Charles Mueller, Editor
  > >        http://webpages.metrolink.net/~cmueller
  > >
  > >                                                   *************
  > >
  > >At 09:46 AM 12/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
  > >>Because I know the way the Hill works.
  > >>
  > >>Guess you were "misled," huh?
  > >>
  > >>-Declan
  > >>
  > >>
  > >>At 22:37 -0500 12/10/97, charles mueller wrote:
  > >>>        How do you know it's a "fantasy"?
  > >>>
  > >>>At 09:49 PM 12/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
  > >>>>At 21:17 -0500 12/10/97, charles mueller wrote:
  > >>>>>        Members of Congress, unless I've been misled, don't allow their
  > >>>>>incoming mail to be trashed d.o.a., dead on arrival--whether by their
  > >>>>>clerical staffs or computer programs.  It may be routed around but,
  > >>>>>ultimately, it all lands on their desks.
  > >>>>
  > >>>>This is, of course, nothing but a fantasy.
  > >>>>
  > >>>>If you really want to pursue Democracy 101, wrest power from federal
  > >>>>bureaucrats and return it to the American people. If you go the route of
  > >>>>special interest lobbying, whoever has the most $$$ usually wins. Recent
  > >>>>case in point: the criminal copyright bill about to become law, bought by
  > >>>>the software industry and Hollywood, that makes sharing a few copies of
  > >>>>Microsoft Office a federal felony: jail time and a quartermillion dollar
  > >>>>fine. For both the person who lends the software and the person who copies
  > >>>>it.
  > >>>>
  > >>>>This is not cynicism, BTW. This is stone-cold reality.
  > >>>>
  > >>>>-Declan
  > >>>>(A Washington, DC political reporter)
  > >>>>
  > >>>>
  > >>>>
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