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Judge issues order against Microsoft

  >From CNET
  Judge issues order against MS 
  By Dan Goodin
  December 11, 1997, 5:40 p.m. PT 
  A federal judge has issued a temporary
  order forbidding Microsoft (MSFT) from requiring
  Windows 95 licensees to carry Internet Explorer. 
  U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson
  ordered the software giant to "cease and desist"
  from the practice, which is at the heart of a case 
  the Justice Department brought against the company 
  in late October. 
  In the 19-page ruling, Jackson denied for the
  moment Justice's request to find Microsoft in
  violation of the decree, saying that the government
  has yet to prove its case. But he went on to say that
  Justice "appears to have a substantial likelihood of
  success" in the case and issued the preliminary
  injunction pending a resolution in the case.
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