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RE: Cheerleading and Democracy 101

  Sorry for the hasty replies here... trying to stay up with things while thrashing some systems into a network in the shop... I did manage to attach a sound clip of a loon in the wild to new mail from the list... haunting.
  From: 	Dan Strychalski
  Sent: 	Thursday, December 11, 1997 10:20 AM
  To: 	Multiple recipients of list
  Subject: 	Re: Cheerleading and Democracy 101
  I don't want to quote any of the nasty stuff that has entered this
  thread. None of it is justified. NONE of it. I suspect CM got the
  names McCullagh and Machan mixed up -- easy enough to do if you're
  getting as little sleep as I am these days....
  Dan Strychalski