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Wired Today

  I was encouraged to read (in the Wired magazine feature noted by Charles
  Behney on this list) that students and teachers in the U of California
  system are protesting Microsoft's efforts to become the exclusive
  computing vendor to the University of California system.  (Didn't one of
  these campuses once have some involvement with...the UNIX system?)
  I was less than encouraged to find a 125x125 pixel animated
  advertisement "the Microsoft Windows Platform"-NT Server use
  Sykyrockets!-on _every page of the Wired site_.  
  I felt like I was under surveillance.
  Re lurkers:  I've let myself become a lurker of sorts on this list-I
  have deadlines to meet.  But I don't resist the Microsoft Monopoly any
  less because of that.  What the world needs from me (more than my
  opinions) is more, better software for alternative platforms.