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Re: Undoing Monopoly by E-Mail

  In reply to charles mueller's message sent 12/9/97 4:15 PM:
  >        Let me offer a 2d modest proposal.  The first was a question:  Does
  >computer technology now permit the combining of the E-mail addresses of our
  >100 U.S. senators (and our 435 congressmen, and our 1,000 federal judges)
  >into a 'mailing list' format such that any U.S. citizen (or anyone around
  >the world) could send a 'post' to the full 'list' with a single 'send'
  >command?  And, of course, are those E-mail addresses available?  The answer
  >to both questions, as I understand it, is 'yes.'
  This may be technologically feasible, but it is probably not the optimum 
  course of action. Member of Congress have few reasons to pay attention to 
  non-constituents, and generally they don't (unless they're campaign 
  contributors, of course). Better would be to identify one's _own_ members 
  of Congress, particularly if they are members of key committees.
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