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Re: A few brief thoughts on recent

  P.A. Petricone wrote --
  > In a forum that was spawned out of a well publicized conference on
  > issues affecting the entire computer/software and telcom/cable
  > industries as it may apply to their respective market and client
  > base, why is it that there are just a handful of vocal participants
  > here that represent or are in some way connected to the "Jury of
  > (it's) peers"? Furthermore, who are the other 270 or so recipients?
  > The list will not produce an address list of it's own recipients! Are
  > they just lurking or are they waiting for an opportunity to troll?
  Yo, man -- Joe Consumer here, at your service. Been kinda busy, is all,
  and afraid to bore people with repeated rants about keystrokes and
  standards and industry manipulation going back to the eighties. I
  shouldn't be the only one with no connection to the software industry,
  but if elected to represent the consuming public I will do my best....
  Dan Strychalski