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Re: Part of the Microsoft Agreement

  In reply to Chip Richards's message sent 12/9/97 1:00 AM:
  >I think it was a matter of covering their asses.  As an engineer, I felt
  >sympathy for Sun's engineers.  Their legal department went a bit overboard
  >on the wording, although it's hard to make a case that it's inaccurate.
  >There was a brisk discussion on the tech-oriented newsgroups back when it
  >first came out about how the Sun engineers felt naked and a bit betrayed by
  >their cowardly running-dog shysters.  Hell, *everyone's* software has
  >risks--Java no more or less than any other complex system.  It seemed a bit
  >much to tar it with such a flaming brush.
  For what it's worth to this discussion, I found similar wording in an 
  Adobe end-user agreement.
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