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Re: Metered Bandwidth Monopolies

  On Sat, 6 Dec 1997 01:08:20 -0500 (EST), am-info@essential.org wrote:
  >On Thu, 4 Dec 1997 20:43:56 -0500 (EST), Charles A. Behney III wrote:
  >>Bill Gates had to reassure the banking community, that he is a fellow
  >>traveler, rather than a usurper of their financial data via mining
  And Norm replied..........
  >     If they believe Gates's promises they're fools.  If you think
  >Gates and company keep their promises they need to talk to some of M$'s
  >former business partners.  
  Likely one reason many banks and the like run OS/2.......that and the stability
  and security (two BIG concerns in banking).
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