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Re: Metered Bandwidth Monopolies

  On Sat, 6 Dec 1997 16:36:44 -0500 (EST), Glenn T. Livezey wrote:
  >>>Bill Gates had to reassure the banking community, that he is a fellow
  >>>traveler, rather than a usurper of their financial data via mining
  >And Norm replied..........
  >>     If they believe Gates's promises they're fools.  If you think
  >>Gates and company keep their promises they need to talk to some of M$'s
  >>former business partners.  
  >Likely one reason many banks and the like run OS/2.......that and the stability
  >and security (two BIG concerns in banking).
       I agree, but more and more these kinds of decisions are being made
  by higher management (ie. those without the slightest clue about the
  differences in the technology).  These people are being targeted by M$
  for this very reason, they know the higher up the ladder they get the
  more likely they'll be dealing with someone who doesn't know anything
  about the technology yet has the power to make these kinds of bad
  decisions without ever having to take the responsibility for them.  
       Although the company's IT department will be stuck trying to make
  the best out of a lousy situation the results of these migrations will
  come out as being successful by decree.  The poor performance resulting
  form the switch and the subsequent increases in the company's IT budget
  will be glossed over because nobody's going to say outright that
  whoever made the decision to switch didn't know what they're doing, or
  worse yet it will all be blamed on the IT division even though they're
  doing the best they can with technology that's not able to handle what
  they've been told it can. 
       I'm afraid we're going to hear more of these kinds stories before
  anyone wakes up.  All I can say is that I make a point of checking to
  see what technology any financial institution is using that I'm going
  to be using...it's just one thing to checkout before picking a bank.