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Re: MS and help files

  > Does anyone know what their alternative to IPv6 would be?
  Microsoft has their own little sets of network protocols, but they are about
  as desirable as their email protocol solutions are (ie, not at all).  I think
  that the big issue is that Microsoft had a really hard time making a good
  TCP/IP stack since it required following standardized protocol specifications
  that they could not adapt to be what they wanted in order to take advantage of
  a little pet project.  From what I understand, they haven't done any major
  work on their internals in quite some time and have no plans on doing so. 
  That leads me to believe that Microsoft has no current alternative to IPv6. 
  Perhaps their plan is to just run MSN as a proxied network to the standard
  IPv4 Internet, and woo people into the global access low orbit digital
  satellite network they recently got the approval to deploy and have their own
  seperate proxy gatewayed network.
  Or, more likely, they still don't understand the Internet and underestimate a
  lot of the aspects that they don't stand to make a clear profit on.