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RE:DOJ Reply, More than IE

  In reply to claribba's message sent 12/6/97 8:51 PM:
  >Awsome idea!  At: http://www.netaction.org/  there is a table listing some
  >of the companies in which M$ has invested, or bought.  Maybe a good place
  >to start.  
  A comprehensive and regularly updated list of Microsoft acquisitions and 
  joint ventures (The Whole Microsoft Catalog) can be found on the Boycott 
  Microsoft site.
     Mitch Stone
     Editor, Boycott Microsoft ** http://www.vcnet.com/bms 
     Like medieval peasants, computer manufacturers and millions of 
     users are locked in a seemingly eternal lease with their evil 
     landlord, who comes around every two years to collect billions of
     dollars of taxes in return for mediocre services.
                              --- Mark Harris, Electronics Times