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RE: satellites

  On Wed, 19 Nov 1997 01:25:19 -0500 (EST), claribba wrote:
  >Apparently, and I should have thought of it, the bandwidth controversy in
  >Europe refers to M$FT-WebTV.  I just had an "interesting" ad show up while
  >surfing, it was from "1st Family", whoever they are, and said [not exact
  >	free [satellite] dish, free internet access, free WebTV
  >I didn't click on the ad, so don't know where it goes.  If M$ owns WebTV
  >now, how come it's advertised as a freebie?  Or could  this just be a
  >leader from an ISP and have no connection to M$? [And I always thought
  >there was no free lunch.]  
       You're right, there's no free lunch...and if you had followed the
  link I'm sure you would have found a serious 'catch'.  My guess is it's
  some huge package deal in which you buy something that's expensive as
  hell and they "throw in" the rest.  Of course if you were to itemize
  everything you'd probably find that all that "free" stuff was actually
  costing you more than it would if you had bought it straight out.
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