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Re: "Is Nader right?"

  On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, John N. Bryan wrote:
  > So far as "enforced anti-capitalist measures" are concerned, yes,
  > they are in effect anti-capitalist.
  I'm not that hot on political science, but labels such as
  "capitalism", "communism", "anarchism" etc. are not so much 
  names for particular political systems, as attributes by which an
  actual real-world system can be defined. 
  If the most striking attribute of a system is its predominant
  capitalistic nature, it is called "capitalistic". But most countries,
  even USA, have socialistic attributes as well - otherwise you would
  not pay tax; and welfare, policing, roads etc. would be services you
  pay for out of your own pocket from various competing "government
  providers". The way in which those powers are alloted show strong
  "democratic" tendencies, etc.
  Its not a matter of finding the One True Label and going all out for
  it, to be capitalistc in all possible respects to all possible
  degrees. The art is to mix all of them to the right degree.
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