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Re: Is this true?

  This is actually old news.  M$ claims that it is to help them help you
  when you call into them with troubles.  They then know what you are
  running and how they can conflict.  M$ claimed that they put in a "Are you
  sure you want to do this" question in the signup process and that that
  legitimized it.  This is Ralph Nadors original complain about M$ back when
  it was originally released.
  moonwolf@earthling.net wrote:
  > I just got this post from another list I am on, and though I've
  > heard rumors of it before, I never heard quite this story.  Can
  > anyone here confirm this?  It is a major invasion of privacy if
  > true.
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  >  Not anti-Microsoft, but PRO-DOS.
  > Those of us who prefer to work with DOS programs like the fact that
  > WE control the program not the program controling us and what is done
  > with and to our computers.
  >  FYI, did you know that if you are running W95 and you use it to dial-up
  > the Microsoft Network, that the first thing it does is to transmit to
  > Microsoft a complete listing of ALL files on your system.
  >  If you want to test this, dial them up. But first run a TSR program
  > that will record in a Log-file all disk access. After contacting MSN,
  > check the Log-file and you'll see that your FAT was transmitted to MSN.
  >  To this day, no-one has been able to get Microsoft to say WHY they are
  > doing this.
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