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Is this true?

  I just got this post from another list I am on, and though I've
  heard rumors of it before, I never heard quite this story.  Can
  anyone here confirm this?  It is a major invasion of privacy if
   Not anti-Microsoft, but PRO-DOS.
  Those of us who prefer to work with DOS programs like the fact that
  WE control the program not the program controling us and what is done
  with and to our computers.
   FYI, did you know that if you are running W95 and you use it to dial-up
  the Microsoft Network, that the first thing it does is to transmit to
  Microsoft a complete listing of ALL files on your system.
   If you want to test this, dial them up. But first run a TSR program
  that will record in a Log-file all disk access. After contacting MSN,
  check the Log-file and you'll see that your FAT was transmitted to MSN.
   To this day, no-one has been able to get Microsoft to say WHY they are
  doing this.
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