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Summary of Conference available? (Was: Re: Nader Conference?)

  On Fri, 14 Nov 1997, Declan McCullagh wrote:
  >Yep. Yesterday's panels were achingly boring. High point was the critic's
  >noon summit (that Ralph tried to lure reporters away from by having media
  >availability at the same time).
  >Today was better. Best part of today and the whole conf was the Media &
  >Microsoft panel. Barlow got up and said free market should rein in MSFT
  >without whining to the Feds. Jlists detailed their horror stories of Big
  >Bad Bill pressuring editors, threatening publishers.
  I tried to find your comments on Day One yesterday, but I couldn't. Could you
  post the precise URL?
  Also a URL for any comments on Day Two.
  By the way, did you hear Bryan Sparks presentation?
  I listened to McNealy's ``keynote'' speech by Real Audio last night, and I was
  very disappointed. I thought a good bit of it didn't make much sense, and his
  definition of ``company that develops an OS'' is bizarre beyond reason.
  Oh, well...
  	Kendall Clark