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Re: Summary of Conference available? (Was: Re: Nader Conference?)

  At 18:07 -0600 11/14/97, Kendall G. Clark wrote:
  >I tried to find your comments on Day One yesterday, but I couldn't. Could you
  >post the precise URL?
  >Also a URL for any comments on Day Two.
  >By the way, did you hear Bryan Sparks presentation?
  >I listened to McNealy's ``keynote'' speech by Real Audio last night, and I was
  >very disappointed. I thought a good bit of it didn't make much sense, and his
  >definition of ``company that develops an OS'' is bizarre beyond reason.
  Here's my article. Didn't write anything more for the web site on Day Two.
  Yep, McNealy's rant about operating systems didn't make sense. Designed
  perhaps to intentionally mislead tech-clueless DC journalists, who appeared
  to constitute about half of the people who attended. MacOS isn't an
  operating system? Linux? Even NextStep? Note to Scott: there's nothing
  particularly compelling about YOUR flavor of Unix.
  The Netly News (http://netlynews.com/)
  November 13, 1997
  Microsoft World 1.0
  by Declan McCullagh (declan@well.com)
          If you're Bill Gates, the last place on earth you want to be
     today is 2500 Calvert St., Washington, D.C. That's the address of the
     "Appraising Microsoft" conference, where politicos and high tech
     leaders from around the country are teaming up to take a big swing at
     the richest man in America.
          It would be a slugfest -- if only Gates were around to defend
     himself. Ralph Nader, the conference's organizer, invited him, but
     Gates declined through his lawyers. "It appears that your conference
     will provide a forum for anti-Microsoft pundits and business
     competitors to raise their litany of tired allegations in an attempt
     to manipulate public opinion against our company," wrote attorney
     William Neukom, who is defending Microsoft from antitrust allegations.
          Which is only natural. Everyone Microsoft has ever pissed off
     (and Microsoft has pissed off a lot of people) seems to be here today.
     Who would pass up a chance to flame the Boy Billionaire -- especially
     when there's safety in numbers?