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Re: Nader Conference?

  Yep. Yesterday's panels were achingly boring. High point was the critic's
  noon summit (that Ralph tried to lure reporters away from by having media
  availability at the same time).
  Today was better. Best part of today and the whole conf was the Media &
  Microsoft panel. Barlow got up and said free market should rein in MSFT
  without whining to the Feds. Jlists detailed their horror stories of Big
  Bad Bill pressuring editors, threatening publishers.
  At 18:33 -0500 11/14/97, charles mueller wrote:
  >        Did the Nader conference on Microsoft actually take place today?
  >I've been unable to find any helpful clues in today's posts.
  >        Charles Mueller, Editor
  >        http://webpages.metrolink.net/~cmueller