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Re: Brave New World

  No, No, No.  I didn't write that.  Some other guy did.
  While I'm at it, let me correct another error, this one made
  by me.  Orwell didn't write Brave New World.  Aldous
  Huxley did.
  Tod Landis
  Christopher Pall wrote:
  > concerning :
  > http://microsoft.com/BillGates/billgates_l/default.htm
  > Once again, are these tax-deductible contributions? Nothing is philanthropic
  > (sp?) if you recover the amount of your donation. I really don't know. I guess
  > it really shouldn't matter whether Bill Gates donates small percentages of his
  > money or not. He earned that money by plundering companies and other persons'
  > work! Not saying that he isn't allowed to donate the money, I just refuse to
  > honor the "philanthropic" accomplishments of a person who plunders others and
  > lives in excess and greed like too many of his other CEO counterparts. I wish
  > the media world would refuse to honor these ideals as well.
  > Tod Landis wrote:
  > > Why don't you (if you have the stomach!) look at
  > > http://microsoft.com/BillGates/billgates_l/default.htm
  > > for all kinds of self serving displays of philanthropy like "Gates Supports
  > > Nelson Mandela Children's fund" - why don't you reasearch a few facts
  > > before spewing false characterisations.
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