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Re: Another IE4 bug

  On Tue, 11 Nov 1997 17:36:37 -0500 (EST), Dave Sieber wrote:
  >I offer the following link to an interview with Bill Gates in which he
  >describes his philosophy on bug fix upgrades, and how he classifies
  >people who "don't know how to use software properly":
  >I was rendered speechless the first time I read it. You will learn why
  >waiting for bug fixes from Microsoft is a complete waste of your time.
       That's because 'Dollar Bill' knows that he can't SELL you only bug
  fixes because you'd expect (as you should) M$ to fix the bugs in their
  own products for free.  M$ isn't interested in anything but SELLING you
  something, and they're not about to do anything for free if they can get
  away with selling it instead.
       Reading the article only enforces what I've known for years, the
  vast majority of the computing public are nothing but chumps (the word
  'lemmings' comes to mind too).  As far as I'm concerned M$'s marketshare
  only brings home what P T Barnum said years ago.
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