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Re: AM-INFO digest 28 "FREE"

  In reply to James Love's message sent 11/11/97 7:18 PM:
  >Mitch has an interesting point.  Why is it so important for Microsoft to
  >refer to its critics as Microsoft Bashers?  This was the term Slate used
  >to describe the Conference panel members, for example.  Jamie
  A modest theory supported by anecdote:
  When I started the Boycott site over a year ago, most of my unfriendly 
  "fan mail" was condescending and snotty (along the lines of "get a life" 
  and other choice witticisms). But over the last few months, the character 
  of the critiques has sharpened noticeably. I was called many things over 
  that first year, but never a "basher." That tag was first applied to me 
  just a couple of weeks ago. 
  My conclusion is that Microsoft criticism was easy dismiss when it 
  appeared that nobody was paying attention. Now it's alarming because it's 
  becoming clear that people are indeed listening. Put it this way: the 
  heavy artillery is rolling up because Microsoft critics now rate as a 
  By the way, how do you cook a windmill once you've caught one?
     Mitch Stone
     If you don't see it Microsoft's way, then you just don't 
     have enough information. -- Silicon Valley Saying
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