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RE: AM-INFO digest 28 "FREE"

  ** Reply to note from David@ObjectSoftCorp.com Tue, 11 Nov 1997 12:48:41 -0500 (EST)
  Microsoft marketing tactics and Microsoft software have many
  similarities in common with drug pushers and heroin.  I work in
  the drug & alcohol treatment community as well as being a
  computer VAR and technician.  Pushing faulty software on
  unsuspecting users, and then blaming the users for the
  software's problems, causing the users hardship and giving them
  a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness (see Mark Hinds'
  post today) is a remarkable parallel to what goes on with
  pushers (not dealers) and addicts.
  One other thing, telling people to see a psychiatrist is a
  personal attack that is not the mark of a civilized
  > comparing free software with drugs is repulsive and
  > offensive. Civilized people debating the proprietary of
  > Microsoft's marketing techniques ought restrain their
  > personal anger enough to be able to conduct civil dialogue.
  > Those who can't should see a psychiatrist.
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