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Re: AM-INFO digest 28 "FREE"

  Mitch has an interesting point.  Why is it so important for Microsoft to
  refer to its critics as Microsoft Bashers?  This was the term Slate used
  to describe the Conference panel members, for example.  Jamie
  Mitch Stone wrote:
  > In reply to David E. Y. Sarna's message sent 11/11/97 9:48 AM:
  > >comparing free software with drugs is repulsive and offensive. Civilized
  > >people debating the proprietary of Microsoft's marketing techniques
  > >ought restrain their personal anger enough to be able to conduct civil
  > >dialogue. Those who can't should see a psychiatrist.
  > Including those that compulsively refer to all Microsoft critics as
  > "mindless bashers?" I tell you what, I'll make the appointment with the
  > shrink, and you go.
  >    Mitch Stone
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