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Re: AM-INFO digest 28 David Sarna & "Bill"

  >From: "David E. Y. Sarna"<David@ObjectSoftCorp.com>
  >To: zoro@tc.fluke.com, Nader - Microsoft List <am-info@essential.org>
  >Subject: RE: Thanks David
  >"Actually, Bill buys the products from MS, pays for them, and takes a
  >deduction for what he paid."
  >Regards, David E. Y. Sarna       davids@objectsoftcorp.com
  I was going to ask how Mr Sarna knew such intimate details of Mr. Gates
  tax returns, but by the casual reference to "Bill", he may have explained 
  many things. Tell "Bill" I said hello. And civil discourse implies honesty
  as well as manners.
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