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Re: Who Is Bundling?

  One  reason is that software companies probably feel that because the program is
  free, and MS is going to ram IE down our throats anyway [by including it in the
  operating system], there is no need to confuse customers by placing the addition
  requirements on the side of the box. Another reason I think you aren't seeing
  companies placing the requirement on the side of the box is that someone might
  get offended by this requirement and not purchase it.
  Any program that uses ActiveX will be a program that requires MSIE (and you can't
  use Netscape for) Of course these are newer programs for the time being. As you
  probably know, the two programming products you mention here are likely to
  require MSIE because the very best people MS likes to target are application
  developers. The idea of course is to get the persons who develop appications to
  already be using MSIE, therefore the impetus to use MSIE extensions to their
  software will seem natural. However, I should note that the J++ system
  requirements (http://www.microsoft.com/products/prodref/221_sys.htm) do not
  mention the requirement for MSIE, although I find that hard to beleive. Maybe I
  will call and complain.
  James Love wrote:
  > I have heard that MS's C++ and J++ offerings require MSIE to some
  > things..... using help as I recall.  Jamie
  > claribba wrote:
  > >
  > > Oct 31, 1997,  Infoworld article by Bob Trott.
  > >
  > > The gist of the story was the danger of installing bundled IE 3.x on top of
  > > IE 4.
  > > If you buy software that includes IE3.x and IE4 is already on your hard
  > > drive, your system will crash because IE3.x cannot detect a newer version
  > > that is already installed.  MS claims most companies are now providing IE4,
  > > so it shouldn't be a problem.
  > >
  > > So, besides Visual Studio and Cybermedia, who are these other companies who
  > > have written programs having nothing to do with the internet or web but
  > > that require IEx.x in order to run?  Do any of you know?  I have never seen
  > > any reference to IE in a requirements listing for any program, but there
  > > wouldn't be as it comes with the program and you don't have to have it
  > > before you use the software.
  > >
  > >   http://www.infoworld.com/  [address, not a link]
  > >
  > > Claire Macdonald
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