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Re: Who Is Bundling?

  I have heard that MS's C++ and J++ offerings require MSIE to some
  things..... using help as I recall.  Jamie
  claribba wrote:
  > Oct 31, 1997,  Infoworld article by Bob Trott.
  > The gist of the story was the danger of installing bundled IE 3.x on top of
  > IE 4.
  > If you buy software that includes IE3.x and IE4 is already on your hard
  > drive, your system will crash because IE3.x cannot detect a newer version
  > that is already installed.  MS claims most companies are now providing IE4,
  > so it shouldn't be a problem.
  > So, besides Visual Studio and Cybermedia, who are these other companies who
  > have written programs having nothing to do with the internet or web but
  > that require IEx.x in order to run?  Do any of you know?  I have never seen
  > any reference to IE in a requirements listing for any program, but there
  > wouldn't be as it comes with the program and you don't have to have it
  > before you use the software.
  >   http://www.infoworld.com/  [address, not a link]
  > Claire Macdonald
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