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Who Is Bundling?

  Oct 31, 1997,  Infoworld article by Bob Trott.
  The gist of the story was the danger of installing bundled IE 3.x on top of
  IE 4.
  If you buy software that includes IE3.x and IE4 is already on your hard
  drive, your system will crash because IE3.x cannot detect a newer version
  that is already installed.  MS claims most companies are now providing IE4,
  so it shouldn't be a problem.  
  So, besides Visual Studio and Cybermedia, who are these other companies who
  have written programs having nothing to do with the internet or web but
  that require IEx.x in order to run?  Do any of you know?  I have never seen
  any reference to IE in a requirements listing for any program, but there
  wouldn't be as it comes with the program and you don't have to have it
  before you use the software.  
    http://www.infoworld.com/  [address, not a link]
  Claire Macdonald