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Re: Who Is Bundling?

  Christopher Pall wrote:
  > Any program that uses ActiveX will be a program that requires MSIE (and you can't
  > use Netscape for) Of course these are newer programs for the time being. As you
  > probably know, the two programming products you mention here are likely to
  > require MSIE because the very best people MS likes to target are application
  > developers. The idea of course is to get the persons who develop appications to
  > already be using MSIE, therefore the impetus to use MSIE extensions to their
  > software will seem natural. However, I should note that the J++ system
  > requirements (http://www.microsoft.com/products/prodref/221_sys.htm) do not
  > mention the requirement for MSIE, although I find that hard to beleive. Maybe I
  > will call and complain.
  There is a Netscape Navigator ActiveX plugin listed on Netscape's plugin
  page (not developed by Netscape). Sorry, I don't have the details -- it
  wasn't something I was particularly interested in. I imagine that it
  works under Win32 only. MS claims that ActiveX controls will work with
  Netscape and Mosaic browsers, and I believe they they are referring to
  this plugin, although I don't about Mosaic and plugins.
  Dave Sieber