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Re: Who Is Bundling?

  Well, the real issue here is whether or not Microsoft is integrating the ActiveX
  platform with other products so that it can take advantadge of it's monopoly on the OS.
  And the answer here is (as usual) Yes! MS, by interleaving every product they have with
  ActiveX, everyone who doesn't know how to install a plug-in or doesn't want to purchase
  the additional plug-in, must use MSIE or select a non-MS product for their
  Word-Processor, Development System, Publishing System, yada yada yada. Think software
  is where this is ending? Of course not? As mentioned in other threads... Microsoft is
  trying to make this a even more mute-choice by out-and-out bribery by their recent
  acquisitions of TCI, Comcast, etc... Now you will be "influenced" to use MSIE to view
  ABCNews, do your banking. Ahh, the choice is so much easier for us now.
  Dave Sieber wrote:
  > Christopher Pall wrote:
  > > Any program that uses ActiveX will be a program that requires MSIE (and you can't
  > > use Netscape for) Of course these are newer programs for the time being. As you
  > > probably know, the two programming products you mention here are likely to
  > > require MSIE because the very best people MS likes to target are application
  > > developers. The idea of course is to get the persons who develop appications to
  > > already be using MSIE, therefore the impetus to use MSIE extensions to their
  > > software will seem natural. However, I should note that the J++ system
  > > requirements (http://www.microsoft.com/products/prodref/221_sys.htm) do not
  > > mention the requirement for MSIE, although I find that hard to beleive. Maybe I
  > > will call and complain.
  > There is a Netscape Navigator ActiveX plugin listed on Netscape's plugin
  > page (not developed by Netscape). Sorry, I don't have the details -- it
  > wasn't something I was particularly interested in. I imagine that it
  > works under Win32 only. MS claims that ActiveX controls will work with
  > Netscape and Mosaic browsers, and I believe they they are referring to
  > this plugin, although I don't about Mosaic and plugins.
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