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$10,000 Reward

  To set the record straight, neither I personally, anyone connected with
  ObjectSoft, or ObjectSoft itself is being compensated in any way by
  Microsoft (directly or indirectly) for the time we spend on this forum,
  or dealing with the Microsoft issues. 
  I am willing to give a $10,000 reward to someone who can prove that
  Microsoft is paying us to say anything here.
  I can only suppose that the writer of this message takes money from
  Microsoft's competitors and therefore assumes that if there is something
  favorable about Microsoft that it must have been paid for too. 
  Shame on you.
  David E. Y. Sarna       davids@objectsoftcorp.com
  ObjectSoft Corp. (NASDAQ:OSFT)    http://www.objectsoftcorp.com
  433 Hackensack Ave., Hackensack, NJ 07601
  Tel.: (201) 343-9100    Fax: (201) 343-0056
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  > From:	Edmond Jane [SMTP:ejane@panama.phoenix.net]
  > Sent:	Monday, November 10, 1997 1:36 PM
  > To:	Multiple recipients of list
  > Subject:	David Sarna-Microsoft Regional Director
  > To all participants on this list:
  > "ObjectSoft Corporation is in the business of providing information
  > and
  > transaction-based services using proprietary software and
  > off-the-shelf, reusable software components based on Microsoft's
  > ActiveX� (formerly OLE) component technology." 
  > The above is a direct quote taken from the URL of ObjectSoft, and
  > David Sarna is the CEO of ObjectSoft Corporation. On the same website,
  > there is a logo indicating that ObjectSoft Corporation (or someone
  > connected with it) is a Microsoft Regional Director for 1998.
  > I have been keeping all the posts to this list. There have been 372
  > postings since I signed on. Mr. Sarna, to date, has posted to this
  > list
  > at least twenty (20) times. That is more than anyone else, with the
  > exception of Tod Landis (22 postings, with more than half of these
  > refuting the postings of Mr. Sarna, the postings of Charles
  > Kelly=NT*Pro, and the article by Tibor Machan.) The next runner up is
  > "moonwolf" (Edward R. Mortimer) who also has posted 22 messages to the
  > list, again with the great majority of those refuting the
  > specious, inaccurate, sycophantic pro-Microsoft postings of Mr. Sarna,
  > Mr. Kelly, and the oblivious article by Mr. Machan.
  > Considering the number of posts that Mr. Sarna is making to this list,
  > I wonder how he has any time to run his company. It would seem that he
  > spends all day every day reading all the postings and writing his
  > emails. Could it be, perhaps, that Microsoft is PAYING him to flood
  > this list with his email, which of late consists of noting but flames
  > toward the other writers who have been posting the truth about
  > Microsoft? After all, wouldn't the parent company (Microsoft) expect
  > one of their Regional Director companies to defend them in any way
  > possible against the damaging truth? Have you noticed how many times
  > Mr. Sarna has made his thinly veiled threats of LAWSUITS against those
  > who are saying the truth about Microsoft? That is the Microsoft
  > mantra:
  > SUE, SUE, SUE.
  > Edmond Jane
  > ejane@panama.phoenix.net