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Re: $10,000 Reward

  On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, David E. Y. Sarna wrote:
  >To set the record straight, neither I personally, anyone connected with
  >ObjectSoft, or ObjectSoft itself is being compensated in any way by
  >Microsoft (directly or indirectly) for the time we spend on this forum,
  >or dealing with the Microsoft issues. 
  >I am willing to give a $10,000 reward to someone who can prove that
  >Microsoft is paying us to say anything here.
  >I can only suppose that the writer of this message takes money from
  >Microsoft's competitors and therefore assumes that if there is something
  >favorable about Microsoft that it must have been paid for too. 
  Again, I can't believe I'm standing up for Mr. Sarna, but I find myself
  agreeing with him \\to a point\\.
  I'm sure no one from MS is paying him directly to participate in this list.
  But the point, Mr. Sarna, is that they don't \\have\\ to pay you specifically.
  You're already connected to them in some formal way, at least your company is
  a MS Regional Director (what is that, by the way?).
  So the point about explicit payment for this list is pretty ludicrous.
  But, as I said earlier, and it was something that touched a nerve for you,
  your entire business is based on MS technology. Your defense of MS on this
  list--and if you're not defending MS, the rest of us are crazy, because it
  sure looks that way--is in large part due to your company's reliance on MS.
  That was my point earlier about your credibility: whoever reads this list and
  tries to determine how much weight should be given your comments on this list,
  ought to have all the relevant, public facts about ObjectSoft Corp's relation
  to MS.
  That just makes sense. And please don't respond to this as you did this
  weekend by complaining about a personal attack. If you have information about
  your company on a public Web site, you can hardly call it a personal attack
  when people discuss the implications of that information.
  	Kendall Clark