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RE: $10,000 Reward

  	>>You're already connected to them in some formal way, at least
  your >>company is
  	>>a MS Regional Director (what is that, by the way?).
  	Developer Days is a community event sponsored by Microsoft and
  geared towards developers who use Microsoft development tolls (as we
  do). It has grown in the last four years from the original 4 cities to a
  world-wide event. Each city has a Regional Director who serves without
  pay. For more info, click on the Regional director logo on our website.
  	>whoever reads this list and
  	>tries to determine how much weight should be given your
  comments >on this list,
  	>ought to have all the relevant, public facts about ObjectSoft
  Corp's >relation
  	>to MS.
  	I agree. That's why I show our website URL on each posting, and
  show all of our relevant affiliations on our home page.
  	I certainly agree that we have made a large investment in
  Microsoft technology and we have a vested interest in their continued
  good health. It also gives me an incentive to watch what goes on here
  and to respond to the more outrageous attacks. 
  	Hey, if the only folks on this forum were Microsoft bashers it
  would be a pretty boring forum in no time. Having some diversity of
  opinion keeps the adrenaline flowing!
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