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Re: Kelly/Sarna

  On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Mark Hinds wrote:
  >Is there a mechanism by which these two guys, at least
  >Kelly who has really crossed the line with Nazi stuff
  >be removed from the list of allowed posters. I know this
  >is technically feasable, but perhaps there are reasons
  >why this is simply not done.
  >If there is such a way, could we please consider it.
  >These guys are just baiting us and making NO contribution.
  >And now this Kelly character has just simply gone to far.
  >Mark Hinds "Linux*Shmo"
  I've now set a personal record for most responses to a mailing list in one
  day, thanks Mark <g>.
  I know that Kelly and Sarna are purposefully avoiding rational debate on these
  issues. I don't know \\why\\ specifically they are doing this, and I don't
  really care to know why. I could never do what they are doing, but, then
  again, I could never pimp for MS either.
  (By the way, if Kelly/Sarna aren't pimping for MS, what would pimping for MS
  look like? If they aren't doing it, I suggest that it can't be done at all,
  it's a meaningless concept.)
  But I am completely opposed to disallowing their posts, unless they are
  completely off-topic, malicious, or spam---and those conditions ought to apply
  to all of us.
  Mark, don't fall into the fascist trap.
  What we can do, however, is just completely ignore their posts, and then they
  will probably get tired and go away---maybe Mr. Sarna will have to host some
  MS Developer's Conference and he'll be too busy. Hey, I can hope, can't I?
  In the meantime, if you feel that strongly about them, just don't reply at
  all. But I think the fascist move of removing them from the list, or blocking
  their posts, is completely unacceptable.
  It sounds to my ears like a ``Microsoft Solution,'' and I've sworn never to
  use one of those.
  Just one Linux geek's geeky opinion.
  	Kendall Clark