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Re: Moderately improved map of Microsoft tying evidence

  David E. Y. Sarna wrote:
  > 1. You may delete IE or anything else that you like.
  > 2. Making software work and install takes work and money. Microsoft
  > developed a product call IE. It contains ActiveX components. When you
  > install IE, these are correctly installed, also, and can be used
  > separately (by others).
  > 3. Although someone (perhaps you) could write components that are
  > stand-alone and do the same job, and perhaps you could find people who
  > would want to buy them that way, the designers of Visual Studio chose to
  > rely on components already available in IE.  If you don't have IE on
  > your system, it tells you, and installs IE at no charge. There never was
  > any problem. Just admit it, instead of spilling so many words, say
  > "you're right, there's nothing at all wrong with that. It's other things
  > about Microsoft that I don't like" Then we can take this non-issue off
  > the table.
  Excuse me, Mr. Sarna, but I will make up my own mind about what I think
  is right or wrong, thank you. Don't ever try that again.
  If you find yourself able to provide any form of concrete evidence
  whatsoever for your personal opinions or desires on technical matters,
  we will be more than happy to review them. In the meantime, I would
  suggest that you speak only on matters of which you have knowledge.
  Dave Sieber